Manage Healthcare Staff Leave Through Scheduling Software

Manage Healthcare Staff Leave Through Scheduling Software

Building a complicated schedule by a shift administrator for clinical capacity requires knowledge of staff’s time off and leave. As a shift administrator, you are responsible for building your specialty schedule and ensuring shifts are equally distributed.

Without online scheduling software, you have to compile the leave data from the payroll system, email, post-it notes, calling the physician, and even remember a conversation. Managing time off for a shift administrator or scheduler is complicated, time-consuming, and incorrect shift can lead to revenue loss and patient care issues.

For some group planning, a quarterly schedule can take an average of 2 – 5 days, depending on several specialties and the department’s size.

This multitude of factors is difficult to manage using manual tools such as spreadsheets, phone trees, and email.

Dockyo, designed for healthcare professional scheduling, solves the planning issue,

  • Allow the staff to enter the time off details by a physician on a native iOS or Android mobile app. The team can plan ahead of time, can even input your leave in advance or change them as needed.
  • The scheduler has updated information during the planning to avoid conflicts.
  • As a scheduler releases schedules in real-time, physicians get notified via text alert, and any conflict’s on leave can be resolved in real-time.
  • Schedulers can now source shift earlier and ensure that the scheduler manages clinical capacity through online leave management.
  • Finally, shift administrators can generate a customized report to integrate with the payroll management system to ensure accurate payroll disbursement.

Providers are now turning to technology and strategic scheduling to address their unique staffing needs. Adopting a SaaS cloud-based scheduling system benefits everyone in the team, brings transparency to the planning, and significantly reduces the time spent by shift administrators to manage capacity.

First Step For Provider Scheduling

First Step For Provider Scheduling

Healthcare organizations should manage the clinical capacity with patient demand to avoid delays in patient care. To ensure efficient coordination and manage the capacity of all providers and staff in a multi-specialty organization requires an efficient scheduling and communication platform.

The first step to initiate provider scheduling includes:

1. Centralize healthcare shift scheduling platform to schedule providers across the enterprise

Dockyo scheduling takes into account multiple constraints including shift time, preferred providers in a team, labor laws for the shift worked to create schedule across the enterprise, multi-specialty, multi-team settings.

2. Visibility into where providers are working and who are working, including how to contact them quickly.

An intuitive dashboard with transparency across the organization of providers who are working today and how to connect when required. The scheduler view can be integrated with EHR to provide visibility across the organization.

3. Empower providers

For upfront planning of leave and schedule changes. The provider uses Dockyo’s mobile app to submit requests, which are automatically integrated into schedule creation. They can also swap shifts with other team members. A provider can submit requests for shifts which allows the scheduler/planner to meet provider preference to maintain a happy employee engagement.

4. Enable tracking and analysis of how providers are trending towards a target.

Dockyo brings together scheduling & labor data from across the organization to inform effective staffing strategy and provides actionable insight to achieve a continuous cycle of improvement, resulting in reduced costs and increased patient access.

By continuous improvement on your scheduling need, the overall health of your enterprise will continue to be better including patient flow with proper care, increased revenue, and provider job satisfaction.