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Dockyo’s powerful & interactive scheduler processes the complexities and generates optimized specialty- specific schedules to meet your needs.

Dockyo’s precious
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Regardless of whether doling out a supplier to the Cath Lab, center or available to come in to work, booking for a Cardiology practice is rarely simple. By using Dockyo, the whole interaction from formation of the schedules to shift management would now be able to be robotized.

Emergency Medicine (EM)

With Dockyo, time to build schedules reduces with more chances of optimized shifts, leading to improved work-life balance.


Dockyo takes into account the criticality of the neurologists while optimising the schedules.


Dockyo is extremely simple to use which permits Pathologists to centralize schedules and other tasks.

Pediatric Medicine

Dockyo allows Pediatricians to manage optimized scheduling to provide utmost care to pediatrics.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Assemble and deal with optimized OB/GYN schedules for minutes, not days. It decreases costs and improves execution.


Dockyo makes it easy to centralize call scheduling for othopredics.


The Radiology scheduler represents every Radiologist’s various areas to be covered, which become comfortable with Dockyo to make optimized schedules.

Key features of our roster management software

Customizable Reports

Any workforce planner who has had to plan a worker’s schedule on a spreadsheet manually understands the convenience of an automated, personalized report. With good workforce management software, you can select the metrics you want to track, such as the number of absences in each quarter and the number of shift swaps by a specific provider in a given week. That will assist you in making more strategic scheduling choices in the future.

Keeping track of time

Our workforce scheduling software keeps track of how many hours each employee works. As a result, you can better track overtime and recognize circumstances where understaffing or overstaffing exists.

Shift management

Employees can see their schedules on the software, and it can help them switch shifts with other shift staff if necessary, such as in an emergency. As a result, there are fewer risks of a worker losing wages and absenteeism.

How does Dockyo work?

Assess your hospital’s current roster management

It’s essential to keep the employees’ abilities in mind while scheduling. Dockyo helps you to optimize the schedule by looking into the expected peak hours, peak seasons, and a pool of staff you can call on if things get too busy.

Studies workers’ availability and employee trends/patterns

Workforce shortages are a reality. Dockyo allows you to keep an eye on the patterns your workers display, and you can efficiently deal with the issue. If some workers take more sick days than others, our system enables you to account for this and prepare a backup plan. If some employees prefer a day shift over a night shift, you can schedule it accordingly to avoid burnout and unnecessary absences.

Automatic scheduling starts showing results

Once you start using our software, the automatic system will give you complete control over your workforce, and you will experience an increase in employee efficiency and satisfaction.

Key benefits of Dockyo, the world-class medical staff scheduling software

The key benefits of our shift planning software are,


You can access your schedule from anywhere

We have set up cloud support which stores and handles all the information in real-time. That enables you to control and coordinate the schedule by accessing it from anywhere, anytime.

It helps to ensure patient safety and response time by having enough healthcare staff on duty at all times

The automatic scheduling makes the shift management efficient. There will never be a situation where your hospital doesn’t have adequate staff to care for your patients.

Reduces workforce burnout

Flexibility is facilitated by efficient scheduling, which increases employee satisfaction. Burnout is common among workers, and this type of flexibility may help to minimize it. Employee trends such as increased absences can be identified using our workforce scheduling solution, which can help you predict burnout.

Allow employees to submit requests for schedule changes online at any time

The schedule allows you to include workers’ convenience in the process. That helps to generate the most flexible schedule.

Enable employees to handle their shifts and electronically switch shifts

Every staff can view the schedule and notify if they would like to swap or edit their shifts.

Test different schedule combinations to find out which one works the best

Since Dockyo allows you to create schedules with a single click, you can spend more time figuring out what the best schedule is for your workers, taking into account their needs.

Enable lower staff turnover

Any staff that is well-managed and has the flexibility to switch shifts and change schedules is more likely to remain with the hospital than poorly managed.

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